Animal Care
Animal Care

To protect our wildlife and know how to care of animals in wildlife rehabilitation center’s, animal care center’s, sanctuaries, zoos, research center’s etc, takes a special kind of person wth unique skills.

In the industry there are many of these centers that specialise in specific animal species and then some focus on all wildlife.

This course will deal with caring for wildlife in captivity and will allow students to enter the industry with a set of skills beneficial to any potential employer. Students learn to work with various different species of captive wildlife while they are learning about animal care, enrichment of wildlife, feeding and a variety of other topics.

Although this is a hands on course, the classes will be provided online and the student can study in their own time at their own pace. Due to the many practical activities to be completed, we recommend that students volunteer at any of the organizations mentioned above to gain the experience and to complete the skills programme.

Online support and guidance will be available and students can request to obtain their workplace exposure at Sondela Nature Reserve & Spa for a limited time.

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