Captive Animal Management
Captive Animal Management 24 Months

Captive animal management is an exciting field that focuses on the care of animals in bird-parks, zoos, animal holding facilities, breeding centres and rehabilitation centres. Many employees in this industry find that there are no formal qualifications specific to their needs and usually grow in the occupation. As a result, this qualification was designed for students in the above fields and to cater for the workplace needs of the industry. This qualification seeks to address the social, moral and ethical responsibility attached to caring for wildlife in captive facilities and involves both the physical and mental well-being of the animals. It also seeks to broaden the student’s understanding of the role that the above-mentioned facilities play in biodiversity conservation, environmental education, urban conservation and ecotourism. This qualification is a flexible and attainable means to access various career opportunities, such as General Assistants, Keepers, Section Heads, Assistant Vet Nurse and Curators.

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