Food & Beverage Services
Food & Beverage Services

In context of the Food and Beverage sector, this skills programme will enable the delivery of excellent service in guests’ food and drink service areas.

A qualifying student will be able to contribute positively towards the hospitality sector as a part of Southern Africa’s tourism Industry whether it is a restuarant, take away etc.

A student who has achieved this skills programme will be capable of combining a range of life-long learning skills and knowledge of South African tourism issues, integrating these within a context to produce multi-skilled food and beverage service functions of exceptional quality making guests experiences in hotel more enjoyable.

Students must be able to provide table service in an effective, prioritised and organised manner. Although this is a hands on course, the classes will be provided online and the student can study in their own time at their own pace. Due to the many practical activities to be completed, we recommend that students volunteer at any of the organizations mentioned above to gain the experience and to complete the skills programme.

Online support and guidance will be available and students can request to obtain their workplace exposure at Sondela Nature Reserve & Spa for a limited time.

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