Hospitality Customer Service
Hospitality Customer Service

This skills programme has been developed for the Front Office/Reception role where specific Hospitality Customer Service principles will be addressed.

Students will learn to understand the importance of the provision of good customer service in the hospitality sector, including hotels, pubs, restaurants, guest houses and fast food outlets. This course also addresses customer and organisational needs and expectations in respect of hospitality service levels delivered in all businesses. Students will learn the differences between strong and weak customer care, within the hospitality industry, particularly relating to a professional image, communication skills and complaint handling as well as recognising how to present a professional image and techniques for communicating positively and effectively with customers, including verbal and non-verbal communications.

Students will also learn techniques used to handle customer complaints appropriately within the hospitality sector. Although this is a hands on course, the classes will be provided online and the student can study in their own time at their own pace. Due to the many practical activities to be completed, we recommend that students volunteer at any of the organizations mentioned above to gain the experience and to complete the skills programme.

Online support and guidance will be available and students can request to obtain their workplace exposure at Sondela Nature Reserve & Spa for a limited time.

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